Houston Texans now following Johnny Manziel on Twitter

Johnny Manziel has about 750,000 Twitter followers, so forgive him if he doesn't pay any attention to the anonymous masses watching his every social media move.

But one of his latest followers might catch his eye, and this one is anything but anonymous: The Houston Texans.

The Texans, the draft envy of the league with the No. 1 overall pick, have a need at quarterback and Manziel is among the club's best options, along with Central Florida's Blake Bortles and Louisville's Teddy Bridgewater. Twitter follows aren't time-stamped, so there is no telling when exactly the club decided to follow its potential top pick, although the Texans' official feed, @HoustonTexans, lists @JManziel2 as its third-most recent follow among 899.

If the Texans are hoping to gain any insight into the draft's most dynamic player over the next few months, however, they may be out of luck. Manziel didn't tweet for more than four months from early August to early December, basically taking the football season off, and his most recent tweet shortly before he announced he was turning pro early suggests he may again be in swear-off mode until after the Texans and the other 31 teams have made their picks:

And for Manziel, that's the way he should probably play it.

Social media hasn't exactly been his friend during his whirlwind two-year stint as college football's darling, and if the Texans have concerns about his ability to be the face of their franchise, social media probably isn't where Manziel would want to take whatever frustrations might come his way during his draft prep.

Here's a tip, Houston: While Manziel appears to be taking a break from Twitter, he is still churning out photos on a fairly regular basis on his Instagram account. As for Twitter, perhaps Houston could get some social media pointers from Manziel when he interviews with the club at the NFL Scouting Combine. The Texans' feed has 352,000 followers, less than half of Manziel's following.

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