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Harbaughs teaming up for 'Greatest Coaching Clinic of All-Time'

The Harbaugh brothers are teaming up for a coaching clinic of the grandest scale, but it's Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh who stands to benefit.

Jim and his brother, Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh, will be joined by the entire coaching staffs of their respective teams as they put on the three-day event next March in Ann Arbor, Mich., according to a showbill released via Twitter on Tuesday by Michigan recruiting operations assistant Chris Partridge:

Yes, the event is being sold as "The Greatest Coaching Clinic of All-Time". Hey, no one ever said modesty is the way to win in coaching.

The event will draw high-school coaches from all over the nation to the UM campus, where Jim Harbaugh will no doubt build on as many valuable relationships as possible. The recruiting benefits that could come from that can't be overstated, particularly given that eight of the "nation's most successful" high-school coaches will be part of the event, according to the ad.

Harbaugh is building Michigan back into the recruiting machine it never was under Brady Hoke, or Rich Rodriguez, before him, and he's doing it with savvy moves like this one.

Call him quirky, but call him smart.

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