Greatest CFB Plays: Walker TD defeats Montana in Cotton Bowl

Voting for Round 1 of the Greatest CFB Plays tournament has concluded. Herschel Walker's first TD advanced to Round 2 to take on Hail Flutie.

Round 1 poll results:
Herschel Walker's first TD: 81 percent
Montana wins Cotton Bowl: 19 percent

Joe Montana wins Cotton Bowl (3)

Date: Jan. 1, 1979
Summary: Known as the "Chicken Soup Game," Joe Montana -- who had the flu -- led a Notre Dame comeback over Houston, including a TD pass to receiver Kris Haines as time expired on a 35-34 Irish win.

Herschel Walker's first TD (6)

Date: Sept. 6, 1980
Summary: As a true freshman at Georgia, Herschel Walker scored on a pitch sweep from 16 yards out, running over future Dallas Cowboys teammate Bill Bates in the process, in a 16-15 win over Tennessee.



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