Greatest CFB Plays: McMahon's Hail Mary defeats The Play

Voting for Round 2 of the Greatest CFB Plays tournament has concluded. McMahon's Hail Mary advanced to the quarterfinals to take on Hail Flutie.

Round 2 poll results:
McMahon's Hail Mary: 51 percent
The Play: 49 percent

The Play (1)

Date: Nov. 20, 1982
Summary: After Stanford took a lead with four seconds left, Cal used a series of laterals on the ensuing kickoff to score the winning touchdown as the Stanford band came onto the field believing that the game was over.

McMahon's Hail Mary (4)

Date: Dec. 19, 1980
Summary: Jim McMahon capped a frenzied fourth-quarter rally with a 41-yard Hail Mary touchdown pass that gave BYU a 46-45 win over SMU in the 1980 Holiday Bowl.


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