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FSU's Jimbo Fisher: I'm not driven by chance to coach in NFL

Florida State's Jimbo Fisher is not shutting the door on coaching in the NFL, but he says the potential of an opportunity to make the jump to the pros does not serve as a motivating factor for him.

"I love college and I had opportunities to go to pro football as an assistant coach and as a coordinator and I've had inquiries as a head coach," Fisher recently told The Palm Beach Post. "It's got to be the right organization at the right time and the right situation if you're ever interested. We have a great situation where I'm at. It's not something that drives me."

Fisher, who is entering his seventh season as FSU's head coach, said he's received "decently serious" offers from NFL teams over the last two years. He also said it didn't take long for him to decide against accepting those offers, but wouldn't rule out a move to the NFL ranks in the future.

"You can't ever say never in this business," Fisher said.

Fisher has never coached in the NFL. He's had great success with the Seminoles, leading them to the national title in 2013 and three consecutive ACC championships from 2012-14. He said he'd love to be at FSU "forever and ever."

What would it take for an NFL franchise to pry him away from FSU? Fisher hit all the standard notes for someone in his position in describing what he'd be looking for:

"A great owner, great GM, organization ... All very critical points," Fisher said. "Also, in that league you better have a quarterback. In all leagues you better but you definitely better up there."

It's refreshing that Fisher is at least willing to say if the right opportunity came along in the NFL, he might take it, rather than dismissing any such notion in the hopes of avoiding getting hurt in recruiting. Sure, other coaches can try to use his words against him and tell recruits that Fisher could spring for the NFL, but Fisher said much of the same about his interest in the NFL -- and the interest he's received from the league -- a year ago. It didn't appear to hurt him at all based on where FSU's recruiting class ranked this year.

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