FSU's Jameis Winston solidifies status as elite NFL prospect

If Jameis Winston were eligible for this year's draft, it would be hard to not put him at the top of the prospect list for a lot of different reasons.

He has the requisite arm strength. His decision making appears to be pretty good for a redshirt freshman. His leadership is incredible. That team follows him like he's the pied piper.

What I've wanted to see from him all season long is how he would react when he was having "one of those days."

Monday night it finally arrived.

To me, a guy truly becomes a quarterback when he responds in that situation -- it's the fourth quarter, the game is on the line and things haven't been going his way. Can he be crafty and get the job done?

Winston did. Things weren't coming easy for him. The Seminoles were down 21-3 at one point, but Winston led them back to win and he became a quarterback.

It was a coming-of-age night for Winston on the day he turned 20 years old. This was his most impressive performance to date because of the stakes, the caliber of opponent and the kind of game he was having.

Monday night, Winston didn't show any fear. He showed some confusion and a little frustration early, but he snapped it together and led his team to a national championship.

Here are some of the other prospects that caught my eye Monday night:

Auburn OT Greg Robinson

It's not hard to see why Robinson decided to declare for the draft. He's one of the most intriguing prospects around and has a great blend of size and athleticism. He moves well and can get to the second level. Robinson played well vs. a good FSU defensive front.

Florida State DT Timmy Jernigan

Jernigan was playing a whale of a game until he gassed out. NFL teams will look at that one of two ways, depending on the team. Some will look at it as a red flag about his conditioning. Others will say "we run a rotation and guys will be coming in and out anyway." I thought he did a nice job setting the tone and making it tougher to run inside than what Auburn is used to facing. He used his hands really well, too.

Auburn RB Tre Mason

Mason has a draft decision to make, and he'll no doubt keep in mind that the odometer on running backs clicks fast. I'm not sure he can help his draft stock more than he already has given the way he's handled such a heavy workload (80 carries in the SEC championship and BCS title game combined) and delivered. He made yardage Monday night that I didn't know was there. Mason is a compact, strong runner that can make you miss. He freezes defenders and catches them in their moment of indecision -- that's how he breaks a lot of tackles. He runs through contact.

Florida State RB James Wilder Jr.

Wilder Jr., who has reportedly decided to turn pro, looks a lot like the man he's trying to live up to -- his father. Former NFL RB James Wilder Sr. rushed for 6,008 yards and 37 TDs in 10 NFL seasons (1981-90). Say this for Junior -- he looks the part.

Auburn DE Dee Ford

Ford imposed his will a few times Monday night and was consistently disruptive throughout. He plays defensive end for Auburn, but looks more like an outside linebacker in a 3-4, which is where he'll likely play at the next level. He reminds me a little of the Packers' Nick Perry.

Auburn CB Chris Davis

Davis, the hero of the Alabama game, played well until his last series Monday night, when he committed a pass-interference penalty before getting beat for the game-winning TD catch, but that's not how he should be remembered. In total, he showed last night that he's more than a kick returner. He's a corner, and he's not afraid to come up and make a tackle. Remember, there's not a corner out there who hasn't given up big plays at some point.

Florida State CB Lamarcus Joyner

Joyner looks like a safety in a corner's body. I think he has safety instincts and hits like a linebacker. He's fast and aggressive. You're going to know when he hits the pile.

Florida State TE Nick O'Leary

O'Leary didn't have a catch, but he wasn't a non-factor. There's no doubt he has improved as a blocker. He showed he can play without the football last night.

Florida State K Roberto Aguayo

I realize kickers aren't sexy to talk about, but they play a key role and we've seen what they can do as rookies in the NFL (the Vikings' Blair Walsh made the Pro Bowl as a rookie after the 2012 season). Aguayo looks like he has an NFL future. I like what he has to offer.

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