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Former Baylor coach Art Briles breaks silence on firing

Art Briles released a statement on Thursday morning, breaking his silence a week after Baylor announced it would fire him as head coach.

Baylor announced the decision to suspend Briles indefinitely with intent to terminate as it released the findings of a law firm's report on the school's handling of allegations of sexual assault by students, including football players.

Briles states he "made mistakes" and that "the complete scope of what happened here has not been disclosed and unfortunately at this time I am contractually obligated to remain silent on the matter."

Here is the full text of Briles' statement, per KWTX News 10:

"Baylor Nation:

My heart goes out to the victims for the pain that they have endured. Sexual assault has no place on our campus or in our society. As a father of two daughters, a grandfather, and a husband, my prayers are with the victims of this type of abuse, wherever they are. After 38 years of coaching, I have certainly made mistakes and, in hindsight, I would have done certain things differently. I always strive to be a better coach, a better father and husband, and a better person.

Keep in mind, the complete scope of what happened here has not been disclosed and unfortunately at this time I am contractually obligated to remain silent on the matter. The report prepared by Pepper Hamilton, the law firm hired and paid for by Baylor's Board of Regents, has not been shared with me directly, despite my full cooperation with the investigation. I can only assume that the report, which is not independent, supports the conclusions that the Board has already drawn. I hope to share with you what I was aware of as soon as I can so Baylor Nation can begin the healing process.

I have the utmost admiration for Baylor University, its community, and its important mission. I am truly grateful for having the chance to coach hundreds of young student athletes at this University. I am deeply humbled for having had the opportunity to be a part of Baylor Nation.

Coach Art Briles"

Baylor's summary of the Pepper Hamilton law firm's review of the football staff's response to sexual assault allegations revealed that coaches and staff "conducted their own untrained internal inquiries, outside of policy, which improperly discredited complainants and denied them the right to a fair, impartial and informed investigation, interim measures or processes promised under University policy."

On May 26, in response to the report, Baylor moved to fire Briles, demoted Ken Starr from his role as school president and placed athletic director Ian McCaw on probation. This week, McCaw resigned and Starr stepped down as chancellor.

Baylor hired former Wake Forest coach Jim Grobe as its interim coach earlier this week.

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