Florida State QB Jameis Winston returns to Twitter

The disappearance of Jameis Winston's Twitter account didn't last long.

Winston, the presumptive No. 1 pick in the draft, was active on social media throughout his career at Florida State, but his @Jaboowins Twitter account vanished last weekend.

The initial speculation was that he had deactivated his account to eliminate a potential distraction as he prepares for the 2015 NFL Draft. However, Winston resurfaced on Twitter on Friday, as two rather innocuous tweets have been sent from the account. Both included links to his Instagram account, which had remained active.

Winston has about 184,000 followers on Twitter; that's about 6,000 fewer than he has on Instagram.

Winston didn't tweet at all during the 2014 season; indeed, he shut it down around the time FSU opened fall practice, then didn't tweet again until Jan. 2, the day after FSU's season ended with a loss to Oregon in the Rose Bowl.

Interestingly, he still refers to himself as a "two-sport athlete" in his Twitter bio. While he played for FSU's baseball team in 2013 and '14, he has given up the sport as he prepares for the draft. He has made reference to the fact that this is the first time since he was a youngster that he has not played baseball.

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