Fired Kyle Field worker says he sabotaged stadium renovation

The construction worker who was fired for hanging an Alabama flag at Texas A&M's Kyle Field evidently made some posts on Facebook that indicated he purposely sabotaged the stadium renovation.

The San Antonio Express-News reported that Bobby Livingston, a 44-year-old ironworker, posted this in late February: "I'm putting iron in backwards and wrong holing everything!!"

And in April, the Express-News reported, Livingston wrote this in a Facebook post: "If you ever attend a Texas A&M football game, don't sit at the Northeast End Zone, it was raining today and I made 2 very 'questionable' welds!!"

The company inspecting the Kyle Field renovation told San Antonio TV station KBTX in a statement that no issues have come up in its inspections.

"All steel fabrication has been observed and critical welds tested/verified at the plants by the third-party firm, Raba Kistner Engineering," wrote Paul Hawryluk, director of facility services for that engineering company. " ... Structural engineers of record review the inspection reports as well as conduct site observation/review of the in-place steel."

SEC fans are known for their intensity and fervor, but to think someone's fandom actually would lead to that person endangering lives strains credulity. You'd hope that Livingston was just trying to provoke A&M fans with his Facebook posts. If he wasn't and instead was telling the truth? Well, in that case, you'd assume he is charged with a crime and would face jail time -- sort of like Alabama fan Harvey Updyke for his actions against the Toomer's Corner oak trees at Auburn.

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