Ex-scouting director: Reggie Ragland a throwback, first-rounder

MOBILE, Ala. -- Here's some of what NFL executives and scouts are saying about the most intriguing 2016 NFL Draft prospects on hand for the Reese's Senior Bowl (broadcast exclusively on NFL Network at 2:30 p.m. ET on Saturday) this week.

The scoop: "He's a throwback linebacker, but he's going to get drafted in the first (round) because he has rush ability, too." -- former NFC scouting director on Alabama's **Reggie Ragland**

The skinny: The term "throwback" can sometimes be considered a backhanded compliment because it pertains not just to physicality and size but also athletic limitations.

Ragland is a big linebacker in any era of football, but he was allowed to rush off of the edge at times at Alabama and he's being given the same opportunity here at the Senior Bowl in one-on-one drills. Ragland has a terrific inside rush move and might carry additional value because he is able to put a hand in the ground and come after the QB.

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The scoop:**Noah Spence** is getting plenty of attention from NFL evaluators who believe the former Ohio State and Eastern Kentucky defensive end is one of the more exciting prospects on the North squad.

The skinny: Spence was banned from the Big Ten due to failed drug tests and ended up checking himself into a drug treatment program. He's been very candid about his past use of the drug Ecstasy. By all accounts, Spence has turned his life around and his play on the field at Eastern Kentucky helped to put him back on NFL radars.

Spence has good, but not blazing edge speed and he's a little undersized at just 254 pounds. However, he has good hands and an ability to bend and turn the corner, which is his key to success as a pass rusher. Spence might be most heavily targeted by 3-4 teams as an open-side edge rusher.

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The scoop: North Carolina State QB **Jacoby Brissett** might be picking up some steam with NFL general managers as they begin to make their way to the tape rooms now that the season is over.

The skinny: After studying tape of him, we like Brissett's potential at the NFL level and we were pleasantly surprised to hear the same thing from three NFL decision-makers we spoke with on Wednesday.

Brissett has good size. He's able to fend off would-be sackers and fight to keep plays alive through sheer strength and determination. Brissett has the NFL frame and arm that teams should like, and his ability to carry an offense despite a constant barrage of pressure should help him in the eyes of NFL general managers.

* * *

The scoop: "I haven't studied **(Jeff) Driskel** yet, but he's interesting. Good size and the ball comes out nice." -- AFC executive on the Louisiana Tech QB

The skinny: Driskel, who transferred to Louisiana Tech from Florida before the 2015 season, was one of the standouts from Wednesday's practice. Yes, he never lived up to the hype he received coming out of high school as the nation's most highly rated QB recruit, but he clearly has the tools to intrigue an NFL team. He'll draw interest as a potential developmental backup.

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The scoop: "**(Carl) Nassib** has the look of a guy who can carry 285 (pounds) easily and he's super long, but look at his legs! He is never going to have enough strength to play 5-technique no matter how tall or long he is. I think he has to stay around his weight now so he doesn't lose any quickness." -- NFC executive on the Penn State DE

The skinny: Nassib knocked it out of the park in 2015 with a sack in every single game. Every. Single. Game. Despite missing his final two regular-season games and a bowl game due to injury, Nassib led the nation in sacks with 15.5 and showed he could play against the run, too.

Nassib weighed in at 273 pounds on his frame of more than 6-foot-6. He has long arms and big hands, but his lower body thickness doesn't match his weight and there are questions about whether Nassib can hold the point of attack against NFL tackles. His type of frame and length often indicates a potential move to 5-technique for 3-4 teams who covet size, but Nassib simply doesn't have that type of anchor needed for the move.

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