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Ex-scout: Marcus Peters off draft board of three NFL teams


A few NFL teams have apparently already seen enough from Washington cornerback Marcus Peters to decide he's not for them.

Peters was dismissed from the Washington football team Thursday, and former NFL scout John Middlekauf tweeted Friday that he talked to three NFL teams who said Peters won't be on their draft board. Clearly, these must be teams with a low -- or no -- tolerance for players reported to have insubordination issues. NFL Media analyst Bucky Brooks wrote Friday that he's been told Peters' dismissal "stems from his inability to get along with coaches and team officials."

"Peterson reportedly has a strong personality and didn't mind challenging authority about various situations on and off the field," Brooks wrote.

However, Brooks also wrote that he heard from several scouts who said Peters' "character and personality wouldn't be an issue at other major programs."

It seems as though the former Huskies CB is already a fairly polarizing figure in scouting circles.

Now, Peters is just a redshirt junior, and he could bypass the 2015 draft, opting to play for a new college team and potentially rebuild his image next year. But Brooks also wrote that the majority of scouts in the West believe Peters will make a jump to the pros after this season.

He'll have to answer for his character concerns to teams that remain interested in him if he does indeed declare for the draft, and he should still have plenty of interest, despite the issues. As Brooks wrote Friday, some scouts believe Peters is the nation's top cover cornerback prospect.

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