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Earl Campbell: Heisman Trophy bigger than Johnny Manziel

Pro Football Hall of Fame RB Earl Campbell knows where Johnny Manziel is coming from.


The first Heisman Trophy winner from Tyler, Texas, Campbell, had plenty to say Friday morning about the second, Manziel, in an NFL AM interview on NFL Network. And while Manziel himself is getting massive criticism over allegations he signed hundreds of autographs for thousands of dollars, Campbell lays some of the blame at the feet of Texas A&M.

"Texas A&M should have interfered when Johnny won the Heisman and sit him down and told him ... 'The Heisman Trophy is bigger than you, Johnny,'" Campbell said.

An extensive ESPN feature on Manziel published last month indicates that TAMU Director of Athletics Eric Hyman did exactly that, calling a meeting with Manziel, his family and several others close to the Aggies quarterback. Clearly, however, Campbell doesn't believe any advice sank in well enough with the 20-year-old.

"There are some things he was doing that you could tell nobody had talked to him," Campbell said.

Campbell added that Manziel has been more about "I" than about "team" since becoming the first freshman ever to win the Heisman.

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