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Draft picks that have been stripped from NFL teams since 1980

In March, the Atlanta Falcons were stripped of a 2016 fifth-round draft pick for pumping fake crowd noise into their stadium. It was the sixth time since NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell took office in 2006 that a team was forced to forfeit a draft pick.

The seventh came in the form of a hammer. On Monday, the New England Patriots were stripped of a first-round pick in next year's draft and third-rounder in 2017 for the team's role in Deflategate. It was only the second time an NFL team had a first-round pick taken away. The first time: In 2008, the NFL stripped the Patriots of a first-rounder for Spygate.

Overall, 18 draft picks have been stripped from nine different NFL clubs since 1980. New England is the first club to have picks taken away on three different occasions. Two-time offenders include San Francisco, Denver and Oakland.

Here is a list of all the draft picks that have been taken away from NFL teams since 1980:

2015 New England Patriots
Transgression: Deflating footballs used in the AFC Championship Game
Forfeited pick(s): 2016 first-rounder, 2017 fourth-rounder

2015 Atlanta Falcons
Transgression: Pumping artificial noise into their stadium
Forfeited pick(s): 2016 fifth-rounder

2012 New Orleans Saints
Transgression: Paying bonuses, or "bounties," for injuring opposing players
Forfeited pick(s): 2012 second-rounder, 2013 second-rounder

2011 Detroit Lions
Transgression: Tampering with safety Jarrad Page, who was under contract with the Kansas City Chiefs
Forfeited pick(s): 2011 seventh-rounder plus swap of picks with Chiefs in the fifth round

2008 San Francisco 49ers
Transgression: Tampering with linebacker Lance Briggs, who was under contract with the Chicago Bears
Forfeited pick(s): 2008 fifth-rounder plus swap of picks with Bears in third round

2008 New England Patriots
Transgression: Videotaping New York Jets coaches' signals on the sideline during a 2007 game
Forfeited pick(s): 2008 first-rounder

2002 Denver Broncos
Transgression: Circumventing the salary cap between 1996-98
Forfeited pick(s): 2005 3rd-rounder, 2002 3rd-rounder

2001 San Francisco 49ers
Transgression: Violating salary cap rules
Forfeited pick(s): 2001 5th-rounder, 2002 3rd-rounder

2001 Pittsburgh Steelers
Transgression: Exceeding the 1998 salary cap
Forfeited pick(s): 2001 third-rounder

1986 New England Patriots
Transgression: Illegal use of injured-reserve list
Forfeited pick(s): 1986 third-rounder

1981 Denver Broncos
Transgression: Contract violations involving defensive back Bill Thompson
Forfeited pick(s): 1981 third-rounder

1981 Oakland Raiders
Transgression: Illegally sequestering players in 1978
Forfeited pick(s): 1981 fifth-rounder

1980 Philadelphia Eagles
Transgression: Holding an illegal tryout
Forfeited pick(s): 1980 third-rounder

1980 Oakland Raiders
Transgression: Evasion of player limit
Forfeited pick(s): 1980 fourth-rounder

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