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Dolphins CB Xavien Howard 'enjoying every moment with my teammates' as trade request looms

In the midst of a busy Back Together Saturday, Xavien Howard faced questions about his interest in moving on from Miami.

Speaking to the media for the first time since requesting a trade earlier this week, the Dolphins All-Pro cornerback offered replies that may evoke memories of a certain running back who had minimal interest in what he was being asked.

Howard first addressed his health, saying, "Everything is good. I was out there today," after sitting on Friday with an ankle injury. From there, the 28-year-old initiated the autopilot.

"Everything has been good. I'm just happy to be here with my teammates and we're taking it one day at a time," said Howard when asked about what the reaction has been from his teammates to the statement he posted.

Up next was a question about whether or not he feels any differently about a new deal getting done than he did on Tuesday.

"That's up to the Dolphins," he responded. "I'm just here with my teammates and enjoying every moment with my teammates."

Perhaps noticing the amount of love he directed at his teammates, a reporter then asked what the organization could do to fix or reverse the damaged relationship.

Howard again firmly placed the ball in Miami's court.

"Well, it's up to them," he said. "I'm just here. Like I said, I'm with my teammates. I'm here every day. I'm just here with my teammates."

Aside from acknowledging that he is living in the moment, Howard did little to indicate up to this point in his media session that he wants to stay with the team now or long-term.

It wasn't until he was asked if it is his hope that a deal is struck that Howard changed his tune up a bit and expressed at least some interest in keeping the door open to a proper return.

"Sure. I hope it gets better," he shared. "It's a process. I'm hearing this and hearing that but nothing is getting done right now. Right now, I'm just here -- out here every day, supporting the team and out here working."

With there still being no substantial news either on the trade front or in regards to a new contract, Howard's options are limited as the first week of camp concludes.

And until that changes, all he can do for the time being is follow the same routine he seems to be content with: show up, get some work in and be there for his teammates.

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