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Did Florida DB Marcus Maye gouge a GSU player's eye?


Did Florida defensive back Marcus Maye gouge the eyes of a Georgia Southern player during the Gators' embarrassing home loss to the FCS Eagles on Saturday? A series of photos published via Twitter Tuesday morning has cast Maye in an unfavorable light. But photos don't always tell the tale the way video can.

Judge for yourself. (To get a closer view of the action, click on the image below, and then click again on the image in the new window.)

Alas, video of the play doesn't condemn Maye's actions the way the photos appear to. The play can be seen at the 9:58 mark of this video, but two angles, one a slow-mo replay, are both poor to see Maye's actions after the whistle.

As bad as Maye's fingers in the eyes of GSU fullback William Banks appear, what may look just as bad is the position of his head. In the second photo, Maye appears to be looking up. If guilty -- and that's an important if -- he could be looking to see if he is being watched by an official. In the third photo, he appears to be looking directly at Banks' face.

Not a pretty picture.

But then again, neither is Florida football in 2013.

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