Desmond Howard: Jameis Winston's Heisman chances 'damaged'


Former Heisman winner Desmond Howard believes that Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston's involvement in a sexual-assault case could cost him the Heisman.

"I believe that some voters will likely be put off by the allegations even though not all the facts are known at this time," Howard, who won the Heisman at Michigan in 1991, told Yahoo! Sports in an email.

Howard, currently an ESPN analyst, said Winston remains on his ballot for now. All Heisman voting will be done on-line this year. Voters will receive a voting link Monday, and all ballots must be submitted electronically by Monday, Dec. 9, at 5 p.m. ET.

"Due to the timing of the allegations being uncovered and the fact he is now involved in an active investigation at the time ballots are about to be distributed, I do think the damage may have already been done -- even if he is eventually exonerated," Howard wrote.

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