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Deshaun Watson foresaw Honey Badger's NFL future

Deshaun Watson's future in football couldn't be much brighter, but if the Clemson quarterback ever needs a second career, fortune telling might be a good option.

A Watson Twitter post nearly four years old, dating back to his high school days, suggested defensive back Tyrann Mathieu belonged with the Arizona Cardinals, who made a reality of Watson's match about about five months later by choosing Mathieu in the third round of the 2013 NFL Draft.

Mathieu issued Watson due credit on Monday:

Mathieu and Peterson, of course, were teammates at LSU in 2010, and both proved to be outstanding pros.

As a junior, Watson will decide at season's end whether to apply for early eligibility for the 2017 NFL Draft. He can only hope to pick his own eventual spot in the draft as well as he picked Mathieu's.

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