Deshaun Watson draws mixed reviews at Clemson pro day

You didn't think there would be a consensus opinion on Deshaun Watson's pro-day workout, did you?

One of the NFL draft's top quarterback prospects threw passes for an estimated 100-plus scouts Thursday morning, making at least two distinctly different impressions. NFL Network draft expert Mike Mayock, who attended the pro day, found Watson's performance praise-worthy.

"They really highlighted movement starting under center. A lot of waggle, bootlegs, sprintout. But his footwork was much improved because they're working on the feet and the hips, trying to sync that up with his arm strength," Mayock said. "Now his arm strength at all three levels is outstanding -- short, medium, deep. He had a little bit more trajectory on the football, another thing they worked on. A quick overview on Watson would be very impressive workout. One caution -- like most spread quarterbacks, his accuracy is tied to his feet. His feet are a work in progress. But this is a kid you really want to work for. He's a bright-eyed kid that plays his best football under the bright lights. Really strong day for Deshaun Watson."

Watson threw about 60 passes, per Mayock. But the same 60 passes Mayock saw generated a different reaction from at least one NFL scout.

"It was a B-minus / C-plus type workout," the scout told analyst Daniel Jeremiah, noting that Watson was inconsistent with his timing and ball placement. The same scout, however, felt better about Watson's deep throws, something that NFL Network analyst Curtis Conway felt was important.

Of course, Watson's vast library of game film will weigh more heavily for NFL clubs than the brief workout in shorts, under optimum conditions, that a pro-day workout consists of. Lest we forget, former Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater was panned for his pro day workout in 2014, and was a first-round selection a few weeks later.

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