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Derek Carr anticipates showcasing skills at Fresno State pro day

If it seems like it is quarterback week around the NFL, that's because it is. No, we're not talking about the current starters for clubs but the potential ones.

Louisville's Teddy Bridgewater had his pro day on Monday. Central Florida's Blake Bortles threw for scouts at his on Wednesday. Finally, Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr will attempt to prove he belongs in the first round at his pro day on Thursday.

Sports Illustrated caught up with the Bulldogs signal-caller as he trains for the 2014 NFL Draft and there were some interesting nuggets in the video, including Carr's penchant for playing basketball against smaller competition.

"He's crazy competitive. I know a lot of people say that, but he dunks on my 9-year-old," former overall No. 1 pick David Carr said about his younger brother. "He loves people and that's one of his highest qualities. At the same time, if he's trying to teach someone or go out there and compete, he doesn't care if you're 7 years old or 11 or 35, he's going to go out there and dunk on you and embarrass you."

Now we have to wonder if a YouTube video of Carr dunking on his 9-year-old nephew will soon surface and what effect that could have on his draft stock. Ok, maybe not.

Still, it was interesting to see what kind of time and effort Carr is putting into training. He's in his hometown of Bakersfield living with David and throwing on a high school practice field that has seen better days. The close-knit process in the run up to the draft between the two siblings looks to be quite an advantage that Carr has over fellow top quarterbacks.

"Before he went to the Senior Bowl, I gave him a heads up about what happens at the Senior Bowl. Before he went to the combine, I told him what would happen at the combine. Before he goes to his pro day, I'm going to tell him what goes on at his pro day," David said. "We talk about specific things you have to do as a quarterback. Progressions, hot reads, and different things you have to know. I didn't know that when I came out. I had no one to tell me that."

Not knowing about hot reads and progressions may be one reason why the elder Carr struggled in the league after being selected by the Texans in 2002. Although Derek has embraced being in his brother's shadow, it's clear he's hoping his NFL career breaks free from it.

After throwing for a boatload of yards in college and flashing his skills on tape as a passer, there is certainly a reason why he's being labeled as a potential first-round pick.

"I see Derek Carr being a starting quarterback in the National Football League," Carr's quarterback coach, Mike Sullivan, said. "There's the skills, the attitude, the willingness, the self-discipline, the mental aptitude, he's a great competitor. He has an extremely bright future as a starting quarterback in the NFL."

At least seven teams are looking for help under center in this year's draft. Carr has been projected to go all over the place in the first two rounds and with teams continuing to do their evaluation of quarterbacks, it's clear Thursday's pro day will be a big audition for him as teams do their due diligence on the position.

"Going into my pro day, I don't think teams will be able to say there's not one thing I can't do," Carr said in the video. "I've been a starting quarterback for three years. I've played in two systems. I can do whatever I'm asked to where a team can say, 'We trust you. Here's the keys to the Ferrari, don't crash it.'"

But seriously, don't crash it.

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