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Davis mock draft 4.0: Tunsil falls to Jaguars

I know, I know. Conventional wisdom says Ole Miss OT Laremy Tunsil should be selected to help protect the young, potential Pro Bowl QB Marcus Mariota, but this exceptional athlete continues to intrigue the Titans' brain trust and coaching staff, especially creative defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau.

This selection makes sense if the new Cleveland administration feels strongly that Wentz is its future leader, and he's been making that kind of impression throughout the draft process.

All indications are that Jack's knee is healing nicely, and he will be at full strength for the 2016 season. It will interesting to see how the Chargers deploy him, and they might look at him as Eric Weddle's replacement at safety.

Yes, Jerry Jones has stated that the Cowboys will not take a QB in the first round. I would not be surprised if he changed his mind on draft night, and selected Tony Romo's successor.

Tunsil is the top-ranked player on many teams' draft boards, so this "slip" might surprise people ... but, the Jaguars will snap out of their shock and select the best player left on the board.

The Ravens have many needs and want to reassert their identity as a tough, physical team. One way to do it is through a bruising running game, and "Zeke" provides an updated version of Jamal Lewis.

This rangy DE who plays with excellent leverage and passion will team up once again with his former Oregon Ducks teammate, Arik Armstead, to form bookends on the defensive front.

The Eagles have investigated the top quarterbacks, but with both gone already, they take one of the top two DBs in the draft. Hargreaves will be expected to deal with the likes of Odell Beckham and Dez Bryant.

It was expected that Bosa would be gone before this pick, so the Buccaneers are ecstatic that the All-American is still available. They expect him to immediately upgrade the pass rush.

Last year, the Giants took Ereck Flowers to play at one tackle spot, and now they have their pair for the future to better protect Eli Manning.

The Bears continue to work their way back toward being their traditional tough selves on defense, and Rankins' postseason performance makes him an ideal selection.

The Saints ranked near the bottom of most defensive categories in 2015, and this tough pass rusher can help improve things immediately.

New defensive coordinator Vance Joseph likes physical corners and this Buckeye is that, and can run, too.

Khalil Mack would love a running mate who takes the pressure off of him. Floyd will do that, and create some havoc in the passing game himself.

The Rams keep insisting that Case Keenum is their starting QB. That shouldn't prevent them from selecting this talented passer who moves around well, too. The city of L.A. likes its teams to make splashy entrances.

Now that DE Ziggy Ansah has become an established star, he needs someone to help him. Kevin Dodd can balance things by lining up at the opposite end, and taking aim at divisional QBs like Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler.

Second-year head coach Dan Quinn's specialty is defense, and he likes speed, speed and more speed. Lee provides that in a big way. He can roam sideline to sideline, and can rush the passer, too.

Andrew Luck's 2015 was injury-plagued (to say the least), and that cannot continue. The addition of Decker is a big step toward preventing that from happening again.

The best run-defending defensive tackle in the draft will help the Bills in their quest to earn a playoff spot.

The Jets have needs at OLB and ILB, and the top-ranked inside 'backer helps head coach Todd Bowles run his exotic, creative defenses. This youngster absorbed a lot of pro-style principles and defenses under Nick Saban at 'Bama.

There could be discussion about a corner or even a wide receiver here, but Billings' strength, surprising quickness and agility wins the day. Billings helps fortify a defensive line that lost Terrance "Pot Roast" Knighton.

The Texans have one of the best wide receivers in the league in DeAndre Hopkins. With Brock Osweiler now entrenched at quarterback, it's time to give him another, speedy target.

Treadwell is big and strong. He's not stopwatch fast, but he finds ways to get open and competes for the ball. He can help second-year WR Stefon Diggs and young QB Teddy Bridgwater create big plays in the passing game with teams continuing to key on RB Adrian Peterson.

The Bengals suffered some key losses at receiver. While Coleman will need work learning the NFL route tree, his physical gifts make it worth the extra tutoring. I would not be surprised to see Alabama C Ryan Kelly in strong consideration here, as well.

The way Alexander plays on the perimeter, with absolute confidence that borders on arrogance (in a good way), he's made to order for a Steelers team that needs help in the secondary.

The Seahawks really love versatile defenders on their D-Line, and Nkemdiche's physical gifts are abundant. And, a John Schneider/Pete Carroll-run organization might be exactly what this young man -- who's had off-field issues -- needs in order to flourish.

The recent retirement of NT B.J. Raji has left a hole in the middle of the defense that this young Bruin is expected to fill. He has a big frame and good movement skills. He will be expected to add inside muscle and pressure.

Kansas City hit an absolute home run with last year's selection of CB Marcus Peters, who found maturity and stardom as the Defensive Rookie of the Year. They expect Jackson to become Peters' running mate for years to come, and fill the gap left by Sean Smith's move to Oakland as a free agent.

Yes, the Cards traded for DE Chandler Jones, but they run a lot of personnel groups and schemes. The team's underrated defensive coordinator, James Bettcher, will not mind adding another pass rusher to the mix.

They might seek a pass rusher in this spot (Emmanuel Ogbah?), or an OT, but this massive Heisman Trophy winner teams with Jonathan Stewart to give the Panthers "Double Trouble II".

The Broncos have lost some key defenders. For the great pass rushers off the edge to flourish ( Von Miller, DeMarcus Ware and Shane Ray), inside pressure is a must.

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