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Davis: Five trades I'd like to see in first round of 2015 NFL Draft

It's prime season for draft-trade rumors, and there are some deals I would really like to see come to fruition when the first round gets underway on April 30. Here's a look at five of those deals. I'm not saying they will happen, or that they're likely to happen, but it's a lot of fun to think about swaps that could shake up the draft.

Eagles (No. 20) trade with Titans (No. 2) to draft Marcus Mariota
The skinny: Count me among those that are curious to see if the "match made in heaven" really would be as heavenly as some expect. Mariota, who was coached by the Eagles' Chip Kelly at Oregon, could go to a bunch of different spots, assuming the Buccaneers don't stun everyone and take Mariota over Jameis Winston at No. 1. Will it be the Titans taking Mariota at No. 2? The Redskins at No. 5? The Jets at No. 6? The Rams at No. 10? To be safe, the Eagles would have to deal with Tennessee to land their man. Obviously, it would be a very costly move for Philadelphia, and Kelly has said he won't mortgage the future to get Mariota. It sure would be fascinating if he changed his mind, though.

Falcons (No. 8) trade with Jaguars (No. 3) to draft Leonard Williams
The skinny: Atlanta desperately needs help on defense. The team's screaming need is at edge rusher, and while Williams is an interior defensive lineman, he's also the best player in the draft. You don't turn that down if Jacksonville is willing to make a deal.

Dolphins (No. 14) trade with Giants (No. 9) to draft Kevin White
The skinny: The Dolphins badly need a big-time No. 1 target for Ryan Tannehill, and they're going to have move up from No. 14 if they're going to have a chance to land one of the top three wide receivers in the draft (White, Amari Cooper and DeVante Parker), in my opinion. To me, White is the top player at the position available this year, and they might need to get ahead of the Rams at No. 10 to get him. He could be the answer for Miami.

Steelers (No. 22) trade with 49ers (No. 15) to draft Landon Collins
The skinny: In my latest mock draft, I have Collins going to the Texans at No. 16, so I think Pittsburgh will have to jump ahead of Houston for a chance to pick the No. 1 safety available. The former Alabama star would be a great replacement for eight-time Pro Bowler Troy Polamalu.

Seahawks trade into first round with Texans (No. 16) to draft Todd Gurley
The skinny: Now, I have Gurley going to the Falcons at No. 8 in my latest mock draft, but let's say they go up and get Williams, and Gurley is still on the board as we approach the midway point of the first round. I don't see Gurley getting past the Chargers at No. 17, so with Collins off the board for Houston thanks to the Steelers' trade-up, would GM Rick Smith be open to a move down? The Seahawks don't have a pick in the first round this year (they gave that up in the Jimmy Graham trade), so a first-rounder for next year would have to be included in a deal with Houston. I know Seattle just re-upped with Marshawn Lynch, but what a great backup and eventual replacement Gurley could be for Pete Carroll and John Schneider. Gurley is a perfect fit for their style on offense. He's my No. 1 RB in the draft and an electrifying talent. Gurley and Beast Mode on the same team? Yeah, that would be fun to watch.

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