Crunching the draft numbers: How Big 12 schools have fared

With the 2015 NFL Draft safely in the books, we decided to take a look at the "Power Five" conferences and see how each did in the draft. Here is the Big 12.

» The Big 12 had 25 players selected this year, fifth-most among the conferences. The Big 12 trailed every other Big Five conference by at least 10 draftees, and it's 2.5-draftees-per-school average was tied for fourth with the Big Ten.

» Eight league schools had at least one player selected, led by Oklahoma with six. Two schools didn't have a player selected: Iowa State and Texas Tech.

» There were two first-rounders, tied for fifth-most (with the AAC) among the conferences.

» Position of interest: The Big 12's most popular position was cornerback, with four selected. There also were three inside linebackers and three wide receivers.

A school-by-school look at the Big 12 in the draft in the 2000s:


Players drafted in 2000s: 26
First-round picks: Five (most recent QB Robert Griffin III and WR Kendall Wright in 2012)
The buzz: Baylor has had seven players selected in the past two drafts. Each has been drafted in the fourth round or later, and three have gone in the seventh.

Iowa State

Players drafted in 2000s: 15
First-round picks: None (most recent RB George Amundson in 1973)
The buzz: Iowa State had zero draftees this year and has had just one player selected earlier than the third round since 1990.


Players drafted in 2000s: 16
First-round picks: One (most recent CB Aqib Talib in 2008)
The buzz: Kansas had three players drafted this year. That relatively modest number is actually a huge draft for Kansas: The school has had that many players taken in one draft just three times since 1998, and the last time KU had more than four guys go in one year was 1977.

Kansas State

Players drafted in 2000s: 40
First-round picks: Two (most recent QB Josh Freeman in 2009)
The buzz: K-State has had just 19 players selected in the past 12 drafts. There were two players drafted this year, and that's just the second time in the past seven drafts that the Wildcats have had more than one player selected.


Players drafted in 2000s: 76
First-round picks: 13 (most recent OT Lane Johnson in 2013)
The buzz: OU had four first-round picks in 2010, including three of the first four. But while the school has had 27 players selected in the past five drafts, including six this year, just three have gone as early as the second round and 20 have gone in the fourth round or later.

Oklahoma State

Players drafted in 2000s: 26
First-round picks: Eight (most recent CB Justin Gilbert in 2014)
The buzz: Oklahoma State has had just 12 players taken in the past eight drafts -- but six have been first-rounders.


Players drafted in 2000s: 60
First-round picks: 16 (most recent DT Malcom Brown this year)
The buzz: Texas has had 15 players selected in the past five drafts, but nine have been selected in the fourth round or later.


Players drafted in 2000s: 36
First-round picks: Three (most recent CB Jason Verrett in 2014)
The buzz: The Horned Frogs had two players drafted this year, and have had just seven players selected in the past four drafts.

Texas Tech

Players drafted in 2000s: 23
First-round picks: One (most recent WR Michael Crabtree in 2009)
The buzz: Texas Tech had zero players drafted this year; that's the third time that has happened in the past four drafts. Tech has had just four players selected in the past six drafts.

West Virginia

Players drafted in 2000s: 34
First-round picks: Five (most recent WR Kevin White this year)
The buzz: WVU had four players selected this year; that ties for the most in one draft for the school since 1999.

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