Conway: After pro day, Marcus Mariota will fall to Eagles in draft

Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota did not have the stellar pro day many were expecting out of him Thursday, and already there is talk that he's bound to start slipping in the 2015 NFL Draft.

Mariota is widely considered to be the second-best quarterback in the draft and a likely top-10 pick. His sub-par workout, in which he missed seven of his 65 passes, is already causing some to re-think just how high he will go despite the talent he possesses.

"I have a feeling, especially after this pro day, that Marcus Mariota will fall to No. 20 and Chip Kelly will get exactly what he wants," NFL Media analyst Curtis Conway said on NFL Network's "Path to the Draft." "When I look at the teams that are drafting before the Eagles, I don't see a need at quarterback. They need things at different positions, and there's no way I would draft a quarterback who I think would have to sit for a couple of years."

Mariota winding up with the Eagles and Kelly, his former college coach, is one of the most discussed storylines in the entire draft. Kelly already downplayed the possibility of moving heaven and earth -- and a ton of draft picks -- in order to trade up to get Mariota, but he did note that he thinks Mariota is the best QB in the draft.

Still, a lot would have to happen for Mariota to fall to the Eagles' pick at No. 20 overall.

Assuming Tampa Bay drafts Jameis Winston with the first pick, as many expect, quarterback-needy teams such as the Titans (No. 2 overall), Jets (No. 6), and Texans (No. 16) would all have to pass on the most intriguing player in the draft.

That seems like a long shot, but when it comes to the NFL, you just never know. Kelly and Eagles fans everywhere would certainly enjoy such a scenario playing out.

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