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Chad Reuter 6-round mock draft: Browns take Trubisky No. 1

Reportedly, the Browns are down to two players for this pick: Trubisky and Myles Garrett. Let's mix it up and give them the North Carolina quarterback here and see the possible trickle-down effect.

The Niners gladly grab the Texas A&M product as a difference-maker on defense.

Chicago needs a five-technique. This smart Stanford defender can fill that bill and stand up at times to rush the passer with 2016 first-rounder Leonard Floyd.

Blake Bortles needs a running game to take some pressure off of him. None better in this draft than LSU's Fournette.

Alabama's Howard has the hands and athleticism to make a very good quarterback like Marcus Mariota look even better.

Watson has the mental and physical characteristics to be an NFL starter, and is a proven winner from Clemson.

Adams is a force to be reckoned with on every play, and showed natural leadership skills at LSU.

McCaffrey was used everywhere at Stanford, and is the sort of versatile offensive weapon who can help Cam Newton's cause.

Allen's shoulder injuries and the selection of two quarterbacks in the top six could push him back a bit. Do the Bengals see another Geno Atkins in the Alabama pass rusher?

Robinson could go higher than expected in this draft; Carolina, Cincinnati, and Buffalo all had him in for visits. The Alabama tackle's strength at the point of attack is tough to ignore.

Lattimore could go as high as five, but the Saints will go quickly marchin' to turn in their draft card if the Ohio State cornerback is still available.

If others are concerned about Hooker's injuries, inadequate tackling, and lack of experience, the Browns will gladly pick up the rangy safety from Ohio State.

Arizona can't wait too long for a signal-caller to replace Carson Palmer, and Mahomes' stock has been on the rise since his final season finished at Texas Tech.

Williams helped Deshaun Watson at Clemson, and now is in position to aid Carson Wentz, who is need of more receivers.

Indianapolis is in dire need of a defensive leader, and Foster can be just that. For those counting, that's four Alabama players in the top 15.

The Ravens' aging pass rush gets a boost from this long, strong, and relentless defender from UCLA.

It won't be surprising if the versatile Michigan player goes higher, but Washington's need for a strong safety makes this an easy pick if he's still on the board.

Two-fer on offense for the Titans? Yep. They have to invest heavily on that side of the ball, and the Western Michigan receiver is a great addition.

The Tennessee pass rusher is a great fit for the Bucs, who could use some help attacking quarterbacks.

Reddick's another potential "lottery pick," but Denver would love to see him using his speed and aggressive nature to thwart opposing offenses like he did at Temple.

Willis' combine performance boosted his stock a bit. Ziggy Ansah applauds the pick of the Kansas State pass rusher, as he needs a partner in crime on the defensive line.

Ryan Tannehill must be protected, and Jay Ajayi can be a force if the offensive line gives him room to run. The Western Kentucky product would help in both areas.

The Wisconsin lineman is a true left tackle, something the Giants desparately need.

The tight end from Miami has outstanding potential, and who wouldn't want to catch passes from Derek Carr?

If the Texans don't believe Davis Webb is a first-round talent at quarterback, they'll get a physical, fast enforcer from North Carolina State who would make their defense even tougher.

The long and athletic Washington corner stays in-state to play for the 'Hawks.

The Chiefs might believe Cook is worth a late-first-round pick because of his quickness and vision, even with the off-field issues, shoulder injuries, and fumbling he displayed at FSU.

Jerry Jones picked Demarcus Lawrence as a defensive end, and Wisconsin's Watt has better height and length. So maybe this is the "War Daddy" he thinks the team needs?

The Colorado product is a great fit for the Packers, since coordinator Dom Capers already has a game plan for a player similar to Micah Hyde, who was lost in free agency.

Ross' 4.22 speed made headlines at the combine, but teams are concerned about his average size and injury history at Washington. Pittsburgh takes the value pick here as a over-the-top threat to help out Antonio Brown.

The Falcons could easily select Taco Charlton or Charles Harris here, but if they can't keep Matt Ryan upright, they have a problem. The tough Temple lineman would help.

Lattimore and Florida's Davis could be a great duo for the Saints to add to their beleaguered defense.

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