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#CFBTop20: No. 16, UCLA LB/RB Myles Jack

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After just a few months on campus, Jack was named both the Offensive AND Defensive Freshman of the Year in the Pac-12. As a running back, he is a powerful rusher who understands how to hit the hole quickly and with momentum. On the other side of the ball as a linebacker, Jack is instinctive when it comes to recognizing the play and reacting, but he really shines as a sure tackler capable of preventing a big play. Few can make it as a two-way player, but Jack excels in the dual role and would land on this list no matter what spot he was playing at.

Pulling back the curtain on the vote

For a player who finished 16th in our top 20, the panelists mostly agreed he belonged. Only two left him off their personal top 20s, but both admitted that Jack was in consideration for their final spot. He was ranked by two panelists in the top 10.

What some of our analysts are saying about Jack

"He tore up the Pac-12 last season while playing on both sides of the ball. As a runner, he reminds me of Ronnie Brown during his Auburn days." -- Daniel Jeremiah

"A rare two-way player with game-changing skills as a runner or defender, he might be the most talented player in the Pac-12." -- Bucky Brooks

"A force on defense early, added RB explosion later in the season. TNT at either position." -- Charles Davis

"On either side of the ball, he can make an impact and play right there with the best of them." -- Bryan Fischer

"His two-way service at UCLA might be done, but Jack proved to be an elite talent in just his first season with the Bruins." -- Chase Goodbread

Where do fans rank Jack?

We asked Twitter and Facebook users who they considered the best player in college football. Jack received more than 1 percent of the 19,000 votes cast. Pretty impressive when you think he was only a freshman last year and only 14 players received any votes by the fans. Playing two ways got him national attention ... even on the East Coast.

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