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CFB Social: Students named for Peyton Manning arrive at UT

The College Football 24/7 home page and @NFLCFB Twitter account are great ways to keep up with all the major news surrounding the college game. But what about the things that pop up on social media and don't make the headlines?

Well, we've come to answer that call by scouring Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social-media networks most coaches can't pronounce to find some of the best posts. Here are some of the things that caught our eye this week:

Peyton Manning last played at Tennessee in 1997 but his legacy in Knoxville lives on. Those that saw him star for the Volunteers now have college-aged kids. If you want to feel old, click on this tweet from the university that made the rounds on Friday.

Eastern Kentucky is 3-0 this season but it appears the secret to its hot start has been found out -- as the team's intro video shows, it's a squad of robot players.

Not a great start to adulthood for one Ohio State defensive player if LeBron James has the better hairline at the moment.

The Office meets The Farm. Bernard Muir isn't exactly Steve Carell, though.

Agriculture puns ahead of rivalry games, just like back in the day.

The following are mascot pictures presented without comment because, frankly, they speak for themselves.

Wonder what the gas mileage is on this thing.

Wake Forest is jumping on the recruits-on-magazine-covers trend that was started earlier in the year by Tennessee.

Well, he certainly would've been on the couch if Florida had lost to Kentucky last week.

Texas kicked off twice to UCLA in its game in Arlington because of a coin-toss flub. At least the Longhorns player responsible took to Twitter to apologize.

Steve Addazio's Vine account made the rounds this week as people apparently just discovered it. But why would you not scroll through his feed when you can find out about ULTIMATE DUDES.

This makes one long for the days of video games of old.

NFL Network's Rich Eisen will certainly get behind this Heisman campaign given that punters are, after all, people too.

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