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Cam Newton jersey among items stolen from Auburn locker room


Three Auburn students broke into the school's football locker room and stole memorabilia and equipment worth an estimated $16,826, according to the Auburn Police Department.

All 20 items stolen, including Bo Jackson and Cam Newton helmets and jerseys, were recovered in the three students' possession, reported. The students were arrested March 26 and charged with third-degree burglary and first-degree theft of property.

The students -- John D. Williams, Nicholas J. Calvin and Zachary S. Keeler -- allegedly broke into Jordan-Hare Stadium on March 22 and stole the items. Auburn police told they still are investigating how the students were able to get into the building, which was shut down on the day of the burglary.

The APD provided a full list of the items that were stolen, ranging from a $2,500 Bo Jackson jersey to a $4 laundry loop -- clearly, the thieves' attention wasn't solely focused on the priciest items:

White No. 34 Bo Jackson jersey: $2,500
Bo Jackson helmet, orange facemask: $2,500
Bo Jackson game football: $2,500
White No. 2 Cam Newton jersey: $2,500
Cam Newton BCS helmet: $2,500
2010 National Championship Game football: $2,500
Schutt helmet: $425
Shoulder pads: $325
Blue No. 1 jersey: $300
Blue No. 81 jersey: $300
Under Armour football cleats, white: $145
Football pants: $110
Pair of Under Armour WR gloves, orange: $41
Pair of Under Armour WR gloves, white: $41
Under Armour girdle: $50
Under Armour compression shirt, blue: $40
Pair of Under Armour wristbands, orange: $20
Under Armour socks: $15
Under Armour wristband, orange: $10
Laundry loop: $4

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