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Bucky Brooks' top 50 prospects for 2016 NFL Draft

Ramsey is a versatile defensive back with dynamic playmaking skills and instincts. Ramsey will make an immediate impact as a hybrid safety/corner/slot defender from Day 1.

Bosa is a relentless pass rusher with a non-stop motor and diverse skill set.

Tunsil is a franchise-caliber edge blocker with light feet and exceptional body control. Tunsil has only scratched the surface of his potential, but he already looks like a 10-year veteran on the edges.

Smith is ultra-explosive linebacker with exceptional instincts, awareness and playmaking ability. He's a rare "sideline to sideline" menace with the speed and athleticism to stay on the field as a "three-down" linebacker.

Jack is an electric "sideline to sideline" player ideally suited to thrive as a WLB in today's pass-happy NFL. Jack is tackling machine with an explosive combination of pass rush and cover skills.

Goff is a poised pocket passer with outstanding physical tools and a high football IQ. Despite playing extensively in a spread offense as a collegian, Goff's skills translate well to the NFL as the potential director of a West Coast offense.

Stanley is a big-bodied pass protector with quick feet and long arms. He's a natural LT with movement skills to stifle elite pass rushers off the edges.

Hargreaves is an undersized CB1 with a feisty demeanor and versatile cover skills. He is capable of playing on the outside, but his true value might be in his ability to lock down slot receivers as a pro.

Lawson is ab ig, athletic edge defender with natural pass rush skills. He's not an explosive DPR, but could create chaos as a LDE in a 4-3 scheme.

Elliott is a versatile workhorse back with an explosive combination of quickness, balance and body control. Elliott is an excellent playmaker on passing downs as a terrific receiver and pass protector.

Buckner is a long, rangy defensive end capable of playing on the edges in a 4-3 or as a five-technique in a 3-4 scheme. Buckner's athleticism and versatility could lead to a late surge up the charts when defensive coordinators take a closer look at his game during the pre-draft process.

Robinson is a menacing interior defender with exceptional size and strength. Robinson is an immovable force in the middle, which creates opportunities for his teammates at the second level.

Wentz is a small-school standout with A plus arm talent and excellent athletic ability. Wentz's winning pedigree, scheme versatility and exceptional football aptitude could lead to a meteoric rise up the charts during the pre-draft process.

Reed is a workmanlike interior defender with the size and strength to control the point of attack. Reed flashes some pass rush skills, but his value lies in his ability to stop the run.

Nkemdiche is a talented defender with exceptional first-step quickness and lateral movement skills. He remains a work in progress, but evaluators love his potential as a disruptive playmaker at the point of attack.

Treadwell is a big-bodied pass catcher with sticky hands and superb ball skills. Speed is a question, but his ability to work between the hashes and in the red zone will make him prized commodity for a team looking for WR1 to build around.

Billings is a rugged nose tackle with rare first-step quickness and agility for a one-technique. Billings flashes disruptive skills as a pass rusher, but he will make his money as a dominant run stopper as a pro.

Coleman is a prolific touchdown maker with explosive speed, quickness and burst. Coleman is a talented vertical deep threat, but his potential as a "catch and run" specialist makes him a nice fit for teams coveting receivers with "RAC" (run after catch) ability.

Conklin is a sound technician with quick feet, balance and body control. He's not as flashy as some pass protectors, but evaluators appreciate his consistency on the edges.

Ragland is a productive inside 'backer with outstanding instincts and football IQ. Ragland's ability to control the tackle to tackle box will earn him high marks from teams looking for a downhill plugger to insert into the lineup.

Dodd is a big, athletic edge player with a knack for making plays in the backfield. Dodd's strong performance down the stretch will entice defensive coordinators searching for "shop wrecker" to place on the edges.

Floyd is a long, rangy edge defender ideally suited to play as an "Elephant" in a 3-4 scheme. Floyd flashes the athleticism and versatile to attack from an upright position or three-point stance as a pro.

Decker is a blue-collar edge blocker with a solid overall game. He consistently wins on the edge with solid footwork and technique.

Doctson is an athletic pass catcher with excellent ball skills and leaping ability. Doctson terrorizes opponents with his length and ability to come down with 50-50 balls in the red zone.

Ogbah is a disruptive playmaker with intriguing physical tools and instincts. He's not a polished player, but has the potential to make immediate contributions as a pass rusher in an attack scheme.

Lee is a "run and chase" defender with outstanding speed and quickness. Lee's athleticism should make him a nice fit as a space player (defender over the slot) in a 4-3 or 4-2-5 scheme.

Clark is a destructive defensive tackle with the athleticism and versatility to play multiple positions on the interior.

Alexander is a rangy "bump and run" cornerback with an aggressive demeanor and fearless game. Scouts will question ball skills due to his lack of production, but he was rarely challenged as the Tigers' CB1.

Henry is a big-bodied RB1 with exceptional straight-line speed and burst. Henry needs a bit of a runway to get going, but teams looking for a one-cut runner to plug into a zone-based scheme will covet his big play potential as a workhorse.

Henry is a big-bodied RB1 with exceptional straight-line speed and burst. Henry needs a bit of a runway to get going, but teams looking for a one-cut runner to plug into a zone-based scheme will covet his big play potential as a workhorse.

Henry is a big-bodied RB1 with exceptional straight-line speed and burst. Henry needs a bit of a runway to get going, but teams looking for a one-cut runner to plug into a zone-based scheme will covet his big play potential as a workhorse.

Lynch is a big, athletic passer with intriguing physical tools. He flashes impressive playmaking talent from the pocket, but a late-season swoon raises concerns about his readiness as a pro.

Rankins is an ultra-athletic interior rusher with explosive first-step quickness and violent hands. He could entice scouts looking for a defensive tackle with Aaron Donald-like pass rush skills.

Butler is a dancing bear with superb balance, body control and agility. Butler flashes impressive strength and power as a run defender, but has enough wiggle to win with finesse moves on the inside.

Henry is a prototypical H-Back with sticky hands and polished route running skills. Henry flashes adequate skills as a blocker, but he will make his money catching passes as a "move" tight end in a creative offense.

Bullard is a versatile defender with a non-stop motor and a knack for finding the ball. Bullard lacks prototypical physical dimensions, but his production and competitive spirit will intrigue scouts looking for a playmaker along the frontline.

Thomas is a productive WR1 with strong hands and impressive ball skills. Speed is a concern, but scouts love his route running skills and savvy on the perimeter.

Fuller is an explosive playmaker with speed to burn. Hands are suspect, but opponents have to respect his big-play ability and burst as a vertical threat.

Miller is an electric receiver with explosive speed, quickness and burst. Miller has shown tremendous progress making the transition from quarterback to receiver, particularly as a route runner on the outside.

Bell is an instinctive safety with a pass-first mentality. Bell shows outstanding cover skills and awareness as a deep safety, but scouts and coaches could question his physicality based on his reluctance to mix it up on tape.

Collins is a rugged workhorse runner with outstanding vision, balance and body control. Collins is punishing runner between the tackles, yet flashes enough speed to turn the corner on outside runs. Ball security is a concern based on his 16 career fumbles at Arkansas.

Thompson is a natural centerfielder with a high football IQ and superb communication skills. Thompson is an ideal traffic cop candidate in the backend, but also brings some thump as a tackler near the box.

Spriggs is a former tight end has blossomed into a rock-solid offensive tackle with outstanding balance, body control and footwork. Springs is a technician that relies on savvy, guile and athleticism to win instead of brute strength and power.

Washington is an active interior defender with a live motor and impressive athletic traits. Still a work in progress as a player, but Washington flashes the tools scouts and coaches covet at the position. Must address character concerns after solicitation arrest near the end of the season.

Alexander is an experienced power player with a versatile game that could allow him to play offensive tackle (RT) or guard at the next level. Alexander is a people mover in the run game, exhibiting excellent strength and power at the point of attack.

Boyd is an intriguing pass catcher with a silky smooth game on the perimeter. Boyd is a natural pass catcher with impressive ball skills and running ability. Speed is a concern, but his workmanlike game that should allow him to overcome his inability to run away from coverage.

Correa is a hybrid rusher with a diverse set of pass rush skills. Correa can win with power or finesse off the edge, but still needs to refine his technique to win consistently against elite blocker at the next level.

Cravens is a dynamic playmaker with experience at safety and linebacker. Cravens' versatility could make him a unique "three-down" linebacker in a scheme that mixes base and nickel schemes.

Fackrell is a long, rangy edge defender with good instincts and awareness. The Utah State standout is a disruptive pass rusher with a knack for getting to the quarterback. Although Fackrell's game lacks flash and pizzazz, he is a blue collar worker capable of delivering splash when allowed to hunt the quarterback off the edge.

Booker is an ultra-productive runner with a rugged running style that conducive to the NFL game. Booker is at his best churning out hard-hitting runs between the tackles, but creative offensive coordinators will appreciate his soft hands and polished receiving skills in the passing game.

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