Browns win opens race for 2016 NFL Draft's No. 1 overall pick

As the end of the NFL season approaches, the mystery of which NFL club will eventually claim the No. 1 pick of the NFL draft typically unravels.

However, on Sunday, that mystery only grew murkier.

The Browns' 24-10 win over the 49ers dropped the Browns into tiebreaker status with the Titans and Chargers. They each stand at 3-10, each anchoring the bottom of an AFC division with three weeks remaining in the regular season. The strength-of-schedule tiebreaker currently favors the Titans, whose opponents combine for a .479 winning percentage (the team with the weaker SOS wins the tiebreaker). Browns opponents are at .509, slotting Cleveland in the No. 2 draft position as of this week, followed by the Chargers (.521).

The Browns' remaining schedule is a stiff challenge with three 8-5 teams, perhaps all playoff-bound, remaining: the Chiefs, Seahawks and Steelers. Cleveland might not win another game, but its strength of schedule percentage will rise, which doesn't help the team's chances of winning a tiebreaker for the top pick.

Based on the schedules remaining for each, the Chargers and Titans figure to have a better shot of getting at least one more win this season, although it wouldn't be a surprise if they both lose out. Both have one of the NFL's best teams, and two teams under .500, on their remaining schedule. San Diego has the Dolphins, Raiders and Broncos remaining, while Tennessee closes the season with the Patriots, Texans and Colts.

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