Browns' Pettine wouldn't be 'upset' to draft Jadeveon Clowney

One of the more intriguing storylines in the 2014 NFL Draft is what the Browns will do with their two first-round picks as they try to move forward after a turbulent offseason. They're clearly in position to land a few front-line starters, but their plan remains a mystery.

New coach Mike Pettine isn't helping matters either by talking about every top prospect as an option for the team at No. 4 overall.

The Browns already are doing their due diligence on the top quarterbacks in the draft and Pettine, speaking at the NFL Annual Meeting in Orlando, Fla., casually threw out that the team isn't opposed to taking two signal-callers. Given how stock in all the top quarterbacks has been dropping, though, it's conceivable that they're looking elsewhere with their first pick.

While he didn't let on that the Browns would consider trading up to get a player, Pettine made it clear he would be more than happy if a player like Jadeveon Clowney fell into his lap.

"Freakish athlete," Pettine told "I think he could take over a game. I think he could change a game. He's proven that. I had good interaction with him (at the NFL Scouting Combine) in Indianapolis. As a defensive head coach, I don't know if I'd be all that upset to turn the card in on Clowney with the fourth pick."

You and every other head coach in the league, Mike.

It would probably take a small miracle for the Texans, Rams and Jaguars to all pass on Clowney, but stranger things have happened at Radio City Music Hall. One player who could be in play for the Browns with their first pick is Clemson receiver Sammy Watkins.

Not surprisingly, Pettine gushed about him as well.

"To me what jumps off the tape is his passion. He loves football. We interviewed him in Indianapolis and you can tell he absolutely loves the game," Pettine said. "He's a guy that I think you want to find a variety of ways to get the ball in his hands because he's special."

Buffalo linebacker Khalil Mack and Auburn offensive tackle Greg Robinson are drawing Pettine's attention, too. All could be in play when it's Cleveland's turn to hand its card in.

Recent mock drafts from NFL Media analysts show there's no real consensus on what the Browns will do with the fourth overall pick -- Watkins, Texas A&M OT Jake Matthews and Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater are among those that land with the Browns at No. 4 in the mock drafts.

He might be new on the job, but clearly Pettine is a wily old veteran when it comes to keeping his draft options open, and keeping everyone else guessing.

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