Browns fans embrace 'Fail for Cardale' Jones campaign

No, Cleveland, not now.

Not just two years removed from spending a first-round pick on Johnny Manziel, for whom there is still some hope, not to mention three to four years still on his contract.

A number of Twitter users claiming to be Cleveland Browns fans have taken to the social media site since Monday night with a #FailForCardale hashtag, referring to Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones. The Buckeyes' starting quarterback was outstanding in passing for 186 yards on just nine completions and rushing for 99 yards more in Ohio State's season-opening win over Virginia Tech. The suggestion, of course, is that the Browns would be better off enduring another miserable 2015 season in order to choose Jones at the top of the 2016 NFL Draft.

Nevermind that Jones is only a junior and could return to the Buckeyes in 2016, anyway. Nevermind that the Browns have the same 0-0 record as every club in the NFL ... hope springs eternal, right?

Unfortunately not:

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