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Broncos' Demaryius Thomas: I'm better than Calvin Johnson

Who is the best wide receiver in the NFL today? Ask 10 different people and you might get 10 different answers, given the wealth of quality pass-catchers in the game right now.

But what if you narrowed the field to the best wide receiver in the league who went to Georgia Tech? Then you'd have two pretty good options and an argument for each.

Denver Broncos star pass-catcher Demaryius Thomas joined NFL Network's "NFL Total Access" and host Dan Hellie for an interview that was aired on the Friday Night Spotlight. Hellie asked Thomas whether he or Detroit Lions wideout Calvin Johnson is the better receiver right now. Thomas' response didn't come as a big surprise.

"Of course, I'm going to go with myself," Thomas said. "But I can say this -- coming up my first year at Tech, the only person I really looked up to was Calvin because I didn't really play football in high school. I think we do two different things, but I have to say that I'm better than Calvin right now.

"Other people will say different, but I'm the best Georgia Tech wide receiver."

Thomas is second in the NFL in receiving yards (1,255) and tied for third in touchdown receptions (10) entering Week 14, so it's safe to say he has the numbers to back up his argument. Johnson, of course, has struggled through some injury issues this season but has been one of the best in the game since the Lions drafted him No. 2 overall in 2007.

However, when it comes to their time with the Yellow Jackets, Thomas would have a harder time making the case that he was the better receiver. A late bloomer who was stuck in current coach Paul Johnson's triple-option offense, Thomas was unable to put up the big numbers that Johnson did in his three years in the program before winning the Biletnikoff Award in 2006.

If there's one thing the two friendly rivals can agree on, though, it would undoubtedly be their rooting interests Saturday night, when Georgia Tech plays defending national champion Florida State in the ACC title game.

"Of course, I'm going with Tech," Thomas said. "I've got Georgia Tech coming out on top and winning the ACC Championship for sure."

There's no word on whether Thomas is backing up the big talk with a friendly wager against Broncos teammate Tony Carter, a sixth-year cornerback who played for the Seminoles.

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