Bob Stoops: Backup QB's Ohio State comments 'ridiculous'

If Oklahoma's veteran players tire of additional media responsibilities this season, backup quarterback Austin Kendall might have to answer for it.

Sooners coach Bob Stoops said Monday at his news conference that he intends to limit the number of players available to speak to reporters after Kendall's derisive remarks last week about Ohio State's defense. The Buckeyes beat host OU, 45-24, on Saturday, and its defense intercepted starting quarterback Baker Mayfield twice.

"Ridiculous comments. That'll be addressed as well. I don't know what he could've been watching, to be quite honest with you. He must not have watched any tape if he had that to say," Stoops said of Kendall, who's a freshman. "There's no place for it. And sadly, for (reporters), because of that, there'll be a whole bunch of guys not available (for interviews) anymore. Because we can't trust them. That's just how it'll be. I'm just not going to have guys available to talk because I can't trust what they'll put out there. ... I'll make some of the older players that understand available."

Kendall described OSU's defense as "basic" during the practice week, and suggested he would be as effective as Mayfield if given the chance. As it turned out, Mayfield wasn't especially effective, but Stoops said he doesn't believe Kendall's remarks affected the outcome.

"I don't believe it had anything to do with (the game). I can't speak to their play, but for us, it didn't have anything to do with our execution," Stoops said. "It just doesn't make any sense. We talk all the time that there should never be anything but a positive comment about anyone you're going to compete against. The rest of it, there's no place for it."

The remarks certainly weren't overlooked by Ohio State's star linebacker, Raekwon McMillan.

Oklahoma (1-2) has lost to Houston and Ohio State, and plays at TCU on Oct 1. Suffice it to say, Kendall won't have any comment on the Horned Frogs; at least, not a public one.

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