Bob Bowlsby would have voted for TCU for CFB playoff

If you thought the tension between Baylor coach Art Briles and Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby was high over the weekend, just wait until Briles catches wind of Bowlsby's comments Monday on "The Dan Patrick Show." Asked whether he would have voted for TCU or Baylor had he been on the College Football Playoff selection committee, Bowlsby said he would have cast his influence for the Horned Frogs.

"TCU. The only reason I say that -- Baylor beat them head to head -- the only reason I say that, is because I thought they were in a better position to stay in there," Bowlsby said. "Having said that, I think the committee got it right in having Baylor five and TCU six. It was the right thing to do. I say it probably would have been TCU (as my vote) simply because they would have been in a better position to be in. And with Ohio State's win, it would have been difficult for Baylor to jump over them. It isn't just a TCU-Baylor comparision. It's a Baylor-Ohio State, it's a Baylor-Florida State, it's a TCU-Florida State. The only reason I say that is not because of anything between our two schools. I just think they had a better chance of staying in."

In other words, the resumes TCU and Baylor compiled would have been of no concern to Bowlsby. His motivation would have been purely about getting someone from the league into the four-team field, regardless of what logo was on the helmet. As the conference's commissioner, that's where his motivation should lie. At the same time, that's exactly why the selection committee should never include one.

Still, that's probably not what Briles wants to hear in the wake of his team's co-champion status, despite beating TCU head to head in October. Both TCU and the Bears were left out of the playoff in favor of Ohio State, which bumped TCU out of the top four with it's 59-0 win over Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship Game.

Bowlsby added that the league is awaiting word from the NCAA on whether it will drop its rule requiring that conferences have at least 12 teams to play a conference title game. The Big 12 has only 10.

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