Bo Pelini loses wrestling match with top recruit

Oh, will @fauxpelini ever have a good time with this.

Nebraska coach Bo Pelini's recruitment of lineman Tanner Farmer included a living room wrestling challenge during Pelini's visit to the Farmer home. According to, Farmer is the strongest member of the Cornhuskers' new signing class with a 440-pound bench press and a squat max of 650.

Quite predictably, it didn't end well for Pelini.

"I bet you can't take me down," Pelini reportedly joked with Farmer, who required some prodding from his father to actually grapple with the man who would be his coach for the next three to five years.

"Go on, boy, if he wants to go, go," Brian Farmer said.

"You scared to take me down?" Pelini asked.

Farmer reportedly got Pelini in a hold and lifted him, but finished the match with a hug rather than a takedown.

"It was a cool moment," Brian said.

The @fauxpelini Twitter feed, a popular parody account of the Nebraska coach that has drawn 75,000 followers and recognition from Pelini himself, will no doubt have a countermove of sorts for Farmer. But he should be careful: Farmer (6-4, 315 pounds) is Nebraska's top-rated recruit. A heavyweight wrestler, to be sure, and a state champion at it.

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