Bill Belichick recalls Refrigerator Perry's combine vertical jump

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick's most memorable NFL Scouting Combine moment might be watching Williams "Refrigerator" Perry do the vertical jump ... in the dark.

Belichick took a trip down memory lane as he opened his surprise news conference Thursday at the combine and talked about how the combine has evolved over the years. He said he didn't want to get into specific evaluations about the draft class or its prospects. He did want to talk about The Fridge, though.

Belichick recalled the first combine he ever attended, in 1985, when the event was held outdoors at Arizona State University. Belichick was in his first year as the Giants' defensive coordinator and Perry was a prospect from Clemson.

"One of the days ended, not in total darkness, but certainly past dusk," Belichick said. "I still have the image of Refrigerator Perry doing the vertical jump out there on the vertec in the middle of Arizona State field in almost total darkness."

So, for all those wondering what goes through Belichick's mind sometimes when he looks back over his distinguished career, there's your answer -- a massive defensive tackle taking flight.

It's strangely Belichick-ian. Some might even say fitting.

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