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Bill Belichick on Jets fans plane: 'What plane?'

Bill Belichick didn't look up.

New England's coach played dumb on Friday when asked for his take on Jets fans flying a plane above Patriots practice on Thursday with a banner that read, "CHEATERS LOOK UP!"

"I don't know what you're talking about," Belichick said of the stunt.

"Have you heard about that plane?" a reporter asked.

"What plane?" Bill deadpanned.

"Focused, huh?" asked another scribe.

"Just trying to coach the football team," said Belichick.

The Patriots coach has spent the first week of camp comprehensively ignoring any question coming within 50 miles of the team's "Deflategate" drama -- and he's succeeded. When it comes to swatting down humans attempting to cover the team, Belichick's already in midseason form:

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