Jets fans fly 'cheaters' banner over Patriots practice


We don't have to tell you that Jets fans are enjoying the deflating drama that's enveloped the Patriots this offseason.

Such is the way of a (mostly one-sided) border war that's carried on -- with intermittent breaks -- for close to 20 years. The latest volley comes not from the Jets, but their fan base, specifically the Jets fan site On Thursday, the site sent a literal message: Flying a plane over Patriots practice with a banner that read, "CHEATERS LOOK UP!"

Metro spoke with Jason Koeppel, described by the paper as "one of the masterminds" behind the banner.

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"The time has come for Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft to start dealing with reality," he explained. "Sports fans are not stupid. We have seen this act before from disgraced former superstar athletes. People like Lance Armstrong and Ryan Braun who challenged the system after they got caught red handed. Ben Johnson, Marion Jones, A-Rod, Roger Clemens -- the list of people who lied after they got caught cheating is sadly endless."

One man's opinion, of course, and one that's already been met with resistance. This isn't the first time the site has pulled off an elaborate PR stunt, either. It's also responsible for last year's "Fire John Idzik" billboard campaign in the New York-area, a campaign so successful that Jets owner Woody Johnson was later asked if the signage played a role in the team's decision to fire their unpopular former general manager.

With Idzik history and the Patriots righteously burned, the site moves onto its next goal -- getting Fireman Ed back on the job. The Jets' unofficial mascot hung up his helmet after the Butt-Fumble game in 2012. So much pain.

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