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Baylor dedicating new locker room to NFL alumni


File this under the ever-expanding category of recruiting innovation in college football: Baylor University is building a locker room specifically for NFL players from Baylor to enjoy when they work out at BU during the offseason.

"We do, periodically through the off-season, have our former players come back to want to work out and practice, and so to give them a dedicated space to do that is attractive to them and will encourage them to return to Baylor more often, and that's a win-win," said BU athletic director Ian McCaw, according to

Attractive to them, and certainly noticeable to recruits, as well. Top college programs stuff their media guides with information about their NFL alumni in part because recruits have an interest in their success with producing NFL players. As such, you can bet that NFL alumni spending more time in the school's athletic facility is good for recruiting, as well.

"Certainly that's something that motivates our current student athletes and encourages recruits relative to their futures," McCaw added.

The Charline Dauphin Pro Locker Room is scheduled for completion in December. According to the report, NFL players from Baylor who worked out at BU during the offseason include Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, Tennessee Titans receiver Kendall Wright, and Dallas Cowboys receiver Terrance Williams.

Between pro-dedicated locker rooms, helicopters at Texas A&M, and Alabama's posters detailing the contract values of their NFL alumni, the bar for impressing recruits is constantly being raised.

Next thing you know, food trucks will be roving the practice fields.

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