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Barry Switzer on Johnny Manziel: 'I'd never recruit a white QB'

Barry Switzer hasn't coached a college football team since he resigned under pressure at Oklahoma during the offseason following the 1988 season. But that didn't stop him from opining on the current recruiting scene.

The result was another classic Switzer moment -- "classic" as in "there he goes again," with another comment that makes you roll your eyes and shake your head.

In an interview with Nashville radio station WNSR on Thursday, Switzer said, "I've always said I'd never recruit a white quarterback. The only way I'd ever recruit a white quarterback to play for me was if his mom and daddy would have to both be black, and that's the only way I would do it.

"My offense is a quarterback-fullback offense," he said. "I'd have to have a Jamelle Holieway, J.C. Watts, Thomas Lott. Those guys are going to be my quarterbacks. ... Those guys could throw and run."

Switzer's answer veered off course; he was asked about the possibility of an NFL coach -- which Switzer was for four seasons with the Dallas Cowboys in the mid-1990s -- drafting Johnny Manziel.

Switzer seems to have a love-hate relationship with Manziel. He called him an "arrogant little (vulgarity)" earlier this week, but in the Nashville interview, Switzer reminded everyone that he thinks Manziel is an excellent player on the field, saying, "I love his ability and talent."

As for his "white quarterback" remark, Switzer evidently forgot he had a few at Oklahoma, including Troy Aikman (an Oklahoma native who first went to OU before moving on to UCLA and then the Dallas Cowboys), Dean Blevins and Steve Davis. Davis led OU to an undefeated season in 1974 and the national title in 1975. Switzer also was offensive coordinator when Jack Mildren, who is white, quarterbacked the Sooners to an 11-1 mark in 1971. Mildren generally is considered the best quarterback in school history and one of the best option quarterbacks in college history.

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