Barry Switzer: Art Briles would make Texas 'like an Alabama'


Barry Switzer has never been shy about expressing himself. So when it comes to the question of the best job in college football, the former Oklahoma and Dallas Cowboys head coach responded with his typical bombast.


And it's not even close.

"It is. I guarantee you it is," Switzer told the Oklahoman. "Sixteen-hundred high schools play football. You're the University of. You can have great facilities. You've got more money than anybody. They have the passion."

Switzer said as much to current Longhorns head coach Mack Brown, then the Sooners offensive coordinator, in 1984.

But with Brown under fire after several down seasons, though his seat has cooled in recent weeks with Texas undefeated in Big 12 play, Switzer sees Art Briles of Baylor as the next coach capable of turning the program into a powerhouse.

Switzer cited the incredible success Briles has had at all levels in the state of Texas, rising from a state title-winning high school coach to have the Bears ranked No. 6 in the BCS standings. Having countless connections from being on both sides of recruiting would make a Briles-led UT all but unstoppable, Switzer said.

"He's one of them," Switzer said. "High school coaches would love to help him at Texas. He'd make them like an Alabama."

Still, Switzer doesn't know if the "blue bloods" in the Texas administration would hire Briles, who "might be too country for them," he said.

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