Auburn recruit on Nick Saban: 'Little-man syndrome'


Tre Williams is quickly becoming something of a spokesperson for Auburn's incoming freshman class, though perhaps not the kind of spokesperson Tigers coach Gus Malzahn is looking for.

While engaging in a word association exchange on live radio last week, the five-star linebacker recruit was prompted for his first thought upon hearing the name Nick Saban. Williams responded "little-man syndrome" on WNSP's "Prep Sports Report." Just a joke, to be sure, but one that might not seem so funny if Saban is asked about the remark today in Destin, Fla., where he is expected to speak to media as part of the SEC's annual meetings there.

Nothing like college football fireworks in May.

Williams' dig at the Crimson Tide coach comes just a week after he took another, declaring that "Auburn owns Mobile" when it comes to recruiting. To those unfamiliar with the history involved, that might not seem like such a big deal. But Mobile is the state of Alabama's hotbed for recruiting, and Auburn had full control of it prior to Saban's arrival at UA. Saban changed that almost immediately, however, plucking eventual first-round draft picks such as Julio Jones, D.J. Fluker and Mark Barron from the area. Cincinnati Bengals rookie AJ McCarron and Carolina Panthers safety Robert Lester were Mobile-area Saban recruits, as well.

According to, Mobile is the nation's best per-capita producer of recent NFL draft picks.

Williams, of course, is from Mobile himself. And if his commentary doesn't get Saban's attention, any hint that Alabama is losing its recruiting grip on the Mobile area certainly will. And that's one syndrome Tigers fans definitely don't want to see from the rival coach.

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