Ask 5: Who is best NFL comparison for Melvin Gordon?

Wisconsin's Melvin Gordon is one of the most explosive running backs in a class that just might produce a first-round pick for the first time since the 2012 NFL Draft. The nation's No. 2 rusher at 166.8 yards per game, Gordon posted his third 200-yard game of the season last Saturday, putting up 205 in the Badgers' 34-16 win at Purdue.

Given the excitement he's creating within scouting circles with his production and big-play ability, I asked five NFL personnel executives to give me the best pro comparison for Gordon.

Executive 1: Andre Ellington
"Gordon has better in-line vision and lateral quickness, but Ellington is more explosive."

Executive 2: Laurence Maroney
"He has better vision than Maroney, but they have a similar downhill, decisive style."

Executive 3: Jamaal Charles
"Similar running styles, but Charles has more juice."

Executive 4: Jamaal Charles
"Tough to come up with a clean comparison. I see some similarities to an oversized Jamaal Charles, but I also see a little bit of Darren McFadden. I love his home-run ability, but I'm not crazy about his vision and instincts. I guess I'd say he's closer to Charles than anyone else."

Executive 5: Jamaal Charles
"Both guys have upright running styles, great speed and catch the ball well. Gordon isn't quite as fast. They do have similar body types."

Verdict: That's three votes for Charles, one vote for Ellington, and one vote for Maroney.

Conclusion: Charles is the popular choice among these executives. I haven't done a full workup on Gordon, but I do agree that he shares the same upright style and homerun ability of Charles. From what I've seen so far, I would place Gordon behind Todd Gurley and Tevin Coleman among this year's college crop.

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