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Ask 5: Who does Georgia RB Todd Gurley remind you of?


Georgia RB Todd Gurley was the talk of college football after his monster performance against Clemson on Saturday in the season opener for both teams. His style reminded me a lot of Jamal Lewis, a player that came through Baltimore while I was a scout for the Ravens eight years ago.

Who does he remind you of? That's a question I posed to five NFL personnel executives this week. Some interesting names surfaced.

Executive No. 1: Adrian Peterson

"He's in the Adrian Peterson mold -- big, tall, thick trunk, downhill runner with track speed to finish."

Executive No. 2: Marshawn Lynch

"Powerful guy, runs through contact and finishes every single run."

Executive No. 3: Marshawn Lynch

"Strong, powerful and has great vision. Both guys are intense runners. They are both very capable in the passing game."

Executive No. 4: Fred Taylor

"He reminds me of Fred coming out of Florida. Big back with plenty of speed."

Executive No. 5: Jamal Lewis

"He's a bigger version of Jamal. They are both power backs with excellent acceleration. Gurley has better balance and lateral quicks than (Lewis)."

Verdict: Lynch was the only player to garner multiple votes from our panel, receiving two of the five cast.

Conclusion: These are all great comparisons. After seeing Gurley live in action last fall, I immediately thought of Lewis because of the power/speed combo. I had forgotten about Fred Taylor. I like that one even more.

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