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Ask 5: Which QB from past two NFL drafts do you prefer?

The last two NFL drafts have produced quality players at the quarterback position. Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota were the first two players off the board in 2015, and both guys have solved the quarterback issue for their respective teams. The 2016 draft class includes Jared Goff, Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott. Wentz and Prescott have started every game for their teams and are both playing at a high level. So, if you could build a franchise around one of the quarterbacks from the last two draft classes, which one would you choose? I asked five NFL personnel executives that question. Here are their answers.

Note: None of the executives I polled work for teams that these QBs play for.

Executive 1: Carson Wentz
"I love Wentz. He has everything you want: Size, arm strength, accuracy, poise and leadership. I'd probably put Prescott right behind him."

Executive 2: Wentz
"There are some good options here, but I'd go Wentz. He doesn't have much around him right now, but he's helping Philly win games. They don't have any legit receivers and they have some holes on the offensive line. He would be destroying the league if he had Prescott's supporting cast. Long term, I think both of those guys are going to be very successful."

Executive 3: Marcus Mariota
"I'd go with Mariota slightly over Wentz. Both guys have similar temperament and passing skills, but Mariota is a more dynamic athlete and brings a different element to his offense."

Executive 4: Wentz
"It's close, but I'd take Wentz over Mariota. Both guys have ideal makeup, intelligence and the 'it' factor. However, Wentz is just a bigger guy with more durability over the long term. I do love both guys a lot ... smart, tough and great leaders."

Executive 5: Mariota
"It's between Mariota and Wentz. I'll give the nod to Mariota. His mobility is something I worry about every time we play the Titans. He's a real challenge to defend."

Summary: That's 3 votes for Wentz and 2 for Mariota.

Conclusion: Statistically, Wentz hasn't been the most impressive of this group, but he gets a lot of support from these executives. He has all of the tools to be very successful and I believe he will eventually emerge as the best player in this group. However, Prescott has blown me away with his poise and playmaking ability. He's by far the biggest surprise in the NFL this season. Mariota and Winston are both making positive strides and playing at a high level right now. One name we didn't see pop up -- Jared Goff. We'll get a chance to see him take the field for the first time this weekend. I can't wait to see how he stacks up with this impressive group of young signal-callers.

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