Ask 5: Which free agent will have biggest impact on NFL draft?

Each year, free agency changes the outlook for the draft as teams fill needs by signing veterans. It will be no different this year when a new league year opens the door for player movement on Thursday.

So, which signings will have the biggest impact on the 2017 NFL Draft? I reached out to five personnel executives for their take. Here are their answers.

Note:Tony Romo does not have an expiring contract, but the Cowboys are looking into trading him.

Executive 1:Mike Glennon
"It looks like Glennon is going to get paid a bunch of money. If he goes to Chicago, I think that takes them out of the quarterback discussion at No. 3 (in the draft). That will have a trickle-down effect for the rest of the top 10."

Executive 2:Terrelle Pryor
"Pryor has No. 1-wideout ability. Whichever team signs him will eliminate the need for a wideout in the draft."

Executive 3:Tony Romo
"I think Romo's destination will have a big impact on the draft. If he goes to Denver, that means there are going to be a few teams still needing a starter by the time the draft rolls around. That could push one or more of the quarterbacks up the draft board."

Executive 4:Tony Romo
"Romo will have a major impact on the rest of the league. He could free up the Broncos to trade Trevor Siemian and that could affect the QB class. If Garoppolo gets traded, all of these quarterbacks are going to slide in the draft."

Executive 5:Mike Glennon
"This is such a marginal quarterback draft class. Glennon will take one team out of the quarterback market. I think teams are going to overpay these vets because they are scared to death of these college QBs."

Summary: That's two votes apiece for Glennon and Romo and one for Pryor.

Conclusion: The two quarterbacks mentioned, Romo and Glennon, will really help shape the 2017 offseason. They will take two teams out of the quarterback market in the draft and might allow the teams looking for a QB in the draft to hold off and address other needs in the first round. In other words, you can plan on taking a signal-caller in the second round and you might be surprised by the options still available at that time. Pryor is a gifted athlete, but I'd rather build my offense around Corey Davis or Mike Williams.

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