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Ask 5: Which CFB program is best at developing talent for NFL?


High-profile college football programs usually dominate in recruiting wars, reeling in the best talent from the high school level. The work to ensure that those players realize their full potential is just beginning after they arrive on campus, though. Which coaching staff does the job of developing top talent into players ready to succeed in the NFL? I reached out to five NFL executives and asked them that question. Here are their answers.

Executive 1: Florida State
"They've done a great job of preparing guys mentally and physically. Guys like Karlos Williams aren't full-time players for them, but they step in Year 1 ready to play at our level."

Executive 2: Stanford
"Harbaugh gave those guys pro coaching and Shaw has done the same. They arrive already knowing how to properly play with technique and act like a pro."

Executive 3: Alabama and LSU
"These two programs fully develop their talent, and I love the attitude and edge they instill in their guys."

Executive 4: Stanford
"I love the culture they have at Stanford. You know their players will be coached up and are very tough."

Executive 5: Alabama and LSU
"Both programs embrace scouts, have top-shelf athletes and practice very hard."

Verdict: That's 2 votes for Stanford, Alabama and LSU, and 1 vote for Florida State.

Conclusion: Florida State has been churning out a ton of NFL players over the last few years and the program shows no signs of slowing down. Stanford, LSU and Alabama each have a heavy NFL presence on their coaching staffs and it makes the transition much easier for their players. One school not mentioned: Clemson. They have done an unbelievable job of developing wide receiver talent and I love the speed and temperament of their recent defensive prospects.

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