Ask 5: Which CFB Playoff team has most NFL talent?

I know we are still a few weeks away, but I'm already getting pumped for the College Football Playoff.

All four of these squads are littered with NFL talent. The top two quarterbacks in the country will square off in the Rose Bowl, and the Sugar Bowl will feature two defenses loaded with future NFL starters.

I reached out to five NFL executives to find out who they think has the fullest cupboard of pro talent. Here are their answers:

Executive 1: Alabama

"It's close. All four teams have a lot of NFL guys. I'll give 'Bama the slight edge over FSU in overall talent. Ohio State is right behind them because they don't have quite the same offensive line depth."

Executive 2: Florida State

"Florida State. They could easily have 10 players drafted this year and they have some impressive young guys, too."

Executive 3: Alabama

"Florida State and Ohio State might have more draft-eligible talent, but Alabama has the most talent overall."

Executive 4: Alabama

"Based on NFL talent I would rank them in this order: Alabama at one, Florida State right behind them followed by Ohio State and then Oregon."

Executive 5: Florida State

"I'd go with Florida State. Four of the five offensive linemen, the quarterback, tight end and wideout will all be playing in the NFL next season. They have a ton of young talent, as well. Alabama isn't far behind them, but Florida State's talent is closer to the NFL doorstep."

Verdict: Three votes for Alabama and two for Florida State.

Conclusion: Ohio State and Oregon field very talented rosters, but according to these executives, they are clearly trailing Alabama and Florida State in NFL prospects. I would give the slight nod to Alabama over Florida State, but it's an extremely close call.

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