Ask 5: What's deepest position among 2016 draft prospects?

With just a few weeks to go in the college football regular season, most NFL personnel executives have been able to take a look at the top prospects for next year's draft. With that in mind, I reached out to five executives and asked them for their take on which position will be the deepest in the 2016 draft. Here are their answers.

Executive 1: Defensive tackle
"It's close between defensive tackle and offensive tackle, but I would lean toward the defensive side of ball."

Executive 2: Defensive line
"This draft is loaded in the defensive line."

Executive 3: Wide receiver
"Wide receiver, by far. It's not close."

Executive 4: Defensive tackle
"This has the potential to be an outstanding defensive-tackle group."

Executive 5: Quarterback
"I actually have seen a lot of quarterbacks at every level of the draft -- early, middle, late."

Verdict: That's two votes for defensive tackle and one apiece for defensive line, quarterback and wide receiver.

Conclusion: I think 2016 is going to be a little bit of a down year at the skill positions, but a really strong year for offensive tackles and defensive linemen. As it's shaping up right now, a lot of teams picking at the top of draft won't be in the market for a quarterback, which always makes the draft very interesting.

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