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Ask 5: What NFL player does C.J. Mosley remind you of?

One of the most popular questions in NFL draft rooms each spring is "Who does this guy remind you of?"

During my eight years as an NFL scout, I would spend the fall constructing scouting reports on each prospect in my area and then I would present those reports during our spring draft meetings. In these sessions, the decision-makers in the organization would often ask me to compare the prospect being discussed to a current or former NFL player. Every year, it became easier to find a comparable player for the draft prospects. I'd write between 300-400 reports during every draft cycle and after a few years, there was a deep pool of names to pull from when looking for a similar player.

When I discuss player evaluations on Twitter, the question I'm asked the most is the same one: "Who does this guy remind you of?" One NFL draft prospect we're going to hear and read a lot about over the next few months is Alabama senior linebacker C.J. Mosley. He's the defensive leader of the No. 1 team in the nation and he's expected to be a very high pick in the upcoming draft. So, for this week's Ask 5 question, I decided to flip the script. Instead of being asked, I did the asking.

I asked five NFL personnel executives to give me an NFL comparison (current or former player) for Mosley. Here are their answers:

Executive No. 1: Giants LB Jon Beason

"Mosley is a better version of a young Jon Beason. He's a little better against both the run and the pass."

Executive No. 2: Former Buccaneers LB Derrick Brooks

"His instincts and playmaking ability remind me of Derrick Brooks."

Executive No. 3: Browns LB D'Qwell Jackson

"He's a younger, more athletic version of D'Qwell Jackson. He's an active, instinctive linebacker with good toughness. He's not a great take-on guy."

Executive No. 4: Panthers LB Luke Kuechly

"He reminds me a lot of Kuechly. They are both athletic in coverage and they rely more on instincts than pure strength to make plays against the run."

Executive No. 5: 49ers LB NaVorro Bowman

"If I had to choose one guy, I'd say Bowman. However, I also see a lot of similar traits that I saw in Thomas Davis and Sean Weatherspoon when they were coming out of college."

Verdict: One vote apiece for Beason, Brooks, Jackson, Kuechly and Bowman.

Conclusion: I was a little surprised we didn't see a name pop up more than once but I can't argue with any of the players mentioned above. I saw a little bit of each of those players when I studied Mosley over the summer. There is never a perfect match when comparing players during the draft process, but there are definitely singular traits that different players share. In this case, each of the linebackers listed above has a strong reputation built on instincts and athleticism. Those are two outstanding qualities for a linebacker, and these executives believe Mosley grades out strong in both areas.

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